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Wren Valley Apparel

Pride Children's Clothing

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Bummies are the perfect bottom to your little one's bottom! They are meant to be versatile in the sense of they can be like shorts or like underwear when used under a skirt. Made from bullet fabric unless specified!


Joggers are stylish for a day out in town and also comfortable as pajamas at night! Made from bullet fabric unless specified.

T-Shirt/Lounge Top:

T-shirts and Lounge Tops are made from double-brushed polyester (DBP) - they are incredibly soft, stretchy, and comfortable! Perfect for little boys AND girls as a top that goes with just about any bottom! 

T-shirts and Lounge Tops will come as pictured. If there is only a picture of the fabric, the T-shirt will have the print as the main piece and solid color contrast for the neckband, and sleeves. Lounge Tops will have the body and sleeve as the print and solid color neckband and cuff.

T-Shirts are short sleeves with the sleeves being sewn on. Lounge Tops are long sleeves with the sleeves and body as one piece.

Made with either Bullet Fabric or Double-Brushed Poly depending on print and availability. 


Note: Not everything listed may have an image associated with it. 

*: Anything marked "Special Order" will require an additional 2-3 weeks on top of the normal turnaround time. This is usually due to styles that require a lot of fabric.